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​​Bluberry Productions, LLC

Our experience in media goes collectively back for about 32 years. We have been involved in image creation and audio production for most of that with some television and radio tossed in along the way. Why do we call ourselves Bluberry Productions? Well, it is simple, really. Charlie used to have a few bushes in his backyard and knows what anti-oxidant powerhouses they are. We believe our experience will give your event or business all the photographic/video antioxidant goodness for its long term health! In this ever-changing marketing climate we are happy to help in any way possible. We appreciate you stopping by our humble web presence.


​Bluberry Productions, LLC

Bluberry Productions, LLC was developed with your business or event in mind. The idea that everyone should have access to affordable photography and video services is the corner stone

of our philosophy. We began in 2012 with this idea and

have held fast to it ever since.

Call us at 1+770-676-9117

The fusion of creativity, photography and video